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If you're ready to channel your enthusiasm for games into a future in video game creation, Full Sail University can teach you the skills to begin your journey. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Full Sail delivers a highly specialized education that blends the art, technology, and storytelling needed to create a successful game.

Game Art Bachelor's Degree – Campus & Online

This degree program focuses on the fundamentals of interactive graphics development – including character creation, environment and prop creation, the game production pipeline, in-game effects, and animation.

Courses Include:

  • Motion Capture ‐ Students learn techniques to digitize motion, edit sequences, and develop an understanding of simulated motion while exploring motion-capture setup, shooting, data tracking, and animation correction and enhancement.
  • Level Assembly & Lighting ‐ This course continues to expand students' understanding of game requirements with a focus on constructing a playable level.
  • Game Animation ‐ Students have their first opportunity to produce animated sequences for gameplay, developing an overall understanding of animation as it applies to the game industry with a focus on game-engine constraints and requirements.
  • Motion Capture
  • Level Assembly & Lighting
  • Game Animation

Game Design Bachelor's Degree – Campus & Online

Students learn production processes used by today’s studios to design and produce games, while studying the building blocks of narrative design.

Courses Include:

  • Game Mechanics ‐ In this course, students learn how pacing and thematic structures incorporate conflict resolution and generate a plausible challenge and reward system.
  • Game Balancing ‐ Students learn how to use level-design and gameplay-design fundamentals to create levels that capitalize on the strengths of their own designs while also learning about communicating to the player through a user interface.
  • Prototyping ‐ Students form groups to create their first team-based digital game prototype using disciplines learned throughout the program to devise a unique concept design.
  • Game Mechanics
  • Game Balancing
  • Prototyping

Game Design Master's Degree – Campus

This program’s specialized courses focus on core concepts in teamwork and leadership, project development, design and prototyping, and marketing, as well as grounding in different types of software.

Courses Include:

  • Methods and the User Experience ‐ This course will equip the game designer with the scientific design tools and research skills required for defining and evaluating games for success.
  • Game Production Tools ‐ Students in this course will be familiarized with and conduct applied research related to project management software that aids in the management, workflow, and documentation of projects – including Microsoft Project, Visio, asset management systems, defect tracking systems, and more.
  • Game Design ‐ Students will conduct research on a variety of design topics, and then apply their knowledge through the creation of documentation and prototypes based upon both client and student design concepts.
  • Methods and the User Experience
  • Game Production Tools
  • Game Design

Game Development Bachelor's Degree – Campus

In this program, students master the technology and tools necessary to develop and program single and multiplayer video games for gaming consoles, personal computers, and networks.

Courses Include:

  • Artificial Intelligence ‐ Students learn techniques for designing intelligent behaviors and creating lifelike behaviors in characters in order to provide realism, and computer opponents that continue to challenge players even after repeated gameplay.
  • Engine Development ‐ This course emphasizes debugging, development of problem solving skills, reading and understanding pre-written code, requirements analysis, and working toward being a better software engineer upon graduation.
  • Data Structure and Algorithms ‐ Students learn how fundamental data structures and algorithms function and are implemented while also learning about managing complexity, linked structures, abstraction, analysis, vectors, lists, and more.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Engine Development
  • Data Structure and Algorithms

Mobile Gaming Master's Degree – Online

This program allows students to explore the production processes used to produce content for mobile gaming platforms, such as character sketches, level design, story development, and other creative elements.

Courses Include:

  • Computer Science for Engineers ‐ Students explore a wide variety of programming languages such as Objective-C, C#, Java, and C++, and the different mobile platforms for which they are used.
  • Game Development Frameworks ‐ Students connect mobile and micro-console technologies to various platforms and operating systems to analyze how they influence the design, functionality, and delivery of a game.
  • Mobile Gaming Business ‐ Students learn how mobile games are distributed and priced, while looking at how these various models of distribution and pricing structures affect downloads and purchases.
  • Computer Science for Engineers
  • Game Development Frameworks
  • Mobile Gaming Business

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