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If you have a passion for storytelling, Full Sail University's communications programs can increase your understanding of how narratives take hold across different media and how technology can enhance your audience's experience. Whether you're interested in marketing, entertainment, or reporting, these programs bring together traditional and new methods with an emphasis on emerging technologies.

Communications Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Creative Writing Concentration — Campus & Online

From storyboarding and scriptwriting, to exploration of genres and literary devices, this program introduces you to everything that goes into a story in order for it to resonate with today's audiences.

Courses Include:

  • Literary Techniques & Story Development - Study authorial choices and literary techniques that bring meaning and direction to stories.
  • Publishing & Distribution - Students learn how to publish and distribute their screenplays, television shows, comic books, videogame scripts, and novels while demonstrating their understanding of the evolution of the entertainment industry.
  • Scriptwriting Techniques - Students learn the foundation of successful writing for film and television while focusing on the fundamentals of formatting using industry-standard software, structural techniques, character development, conflict, and scene construction.
  • Literary Techniques & Story Development
  • Publishing & Distribution
  • Scriptwriting Techniques

Instructional Design & Technology Master's — Online

Students explore how to create, improve, and implement multimedia instructional tools that will inspire and engage audiences, while also building a solid instructional design foundation.

Courses Include:

  • Strategies for Learner Engagement - Students explore cognitive, learning, and motivation theories as a first step toward understanding how to create engaging curriculum for a variety of learning styles and settings.
  • Media Asset Creation - Students examine specific techniques regarding how to create the best media for a project, while also taking into account the limitations of delivery methods and the learners' technical ability.
  • Visual and Verbal Communication in Instructional Design - Students develop their knowledge and skills in writing manuscripts for course content that is appropriate for the selected medium, the selected subject matter, and the intended target audience.
  • Strategies for Learner Engagement
  • Media Asset Creation
  • Visual and Verbal Communication in Instructional Design

Communications Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Media Communications Concentration — Campus & Online

This program can teach you the tools and knowledge needed to communicate within current and emerging media channels as you help brands and organizations achieve their goals.

Courses Include:

  • Digital Video and Audio Production - Students will explore the aesthetics of bringing video and audio together to create a dynamic presentation for a variety of media communications applications.
  • Integrated Marketing - Students will explore promotional methods strategically designed to reinforce brand contact with target markets and stakeholders.
  • Research in Media Communications - Students will compare research methodologies and communication theories while learning to differentiate between topics of study.
  • Digital Video and Audio Production
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Research in Media Communications

New Media Journalism Master's Degree — Online

From reporting to blogging, this program can teach you the skills to become a digitally savvy writer for today's media. You'll become familiar with multimedia tools, social media strategies, and personal branding.

Courses Include:

  • Public Relations and Reputation Management - Students learn how consumers absorb, act, and react upon news based on media format and content emphasized in that format.
  • Multimedia Development and Editing - Students learn best practices of photography, photo management, video production, audio postproduction, web skills, and advanced postproduction techniques, and apply these skills to upload content.
  • Social Media and Online Community Engagement - Students learn theoretical and practical approaches to understanding, designing, building, and using virtual communities, and how user-generated content within those communities expands the definition of news.
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management
  • Multimedia Development and Editing
  • Social Media and Online Community Engagement

Public Relations Master's — Online

This program will teach you how to merge tested PR strategies with tactics that keep up with the minute-by-minute nature of the media landscape. You'll create and implement PR plans based on real clients and scenarios.

Courses Include:

  • Public Relations in a Digital World - You will examine the dramatic impact of the Internet and a 24/7 media environment on the public relations process.
  • Media Relations - You will consider who the journalist is in the digital space and how the traditional objective for a journalist has changed as a result of the Internet and participatory media.
  • Social Media Metrics and ROI - You will learn how to track, report, and analyze a variety of metrics that describe audience behavior and attitudes.
  • Public Relations in a Digital World
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Metrics and ROI

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