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 From viral sensations to blockbuster hits, filmmakers have more options than ever when it comes to finding an audience. Independent filmmaking is anything but— it's a well oiled machine composed of many parts, all working together to achieve a single goal.

Visual Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Computer Animation Concentration — Campus & Online

In this program, we teach you the latest 3D modeling tools and techniques as they relate to careers across a number of different fields.

Courses Include:

  • Character Animation - This course focuses on strengthening students' animation skills by exploring methods for creating movement that is entertaining, appealing, and clearly driven by the characters' emotions and personality.
  • Character Rigging - This course introduces students to the foundations of character rigging, which is the process of adding joints and controls to a character that allows an animator to make it move in a realistic manner.
  • Animation Production - The Animation Production Course develops students' ability to plan, coordinate, and study assets, using traditional methods to demonstrate their learned strengths as a 3D artist.
  • Character Animation
  • Character Rigging
  • Animation Production

Communications Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Creative Writing Concentration — Campus & Online

From storyboarding and scriptwriting, to exploration of genres and literary devices, this program introduces you to everything that goes into a story in order for it to resonate with today's audiences.

Courses Include:

  • Literary Techniques & Story Development - Study authorial choices and literary techniques that bring meaning and direction to stories.
  • Publishing & Distribution - Students learn how to publish and distribute their screenplays, television shows, comic books, videogame scripts, and novels while demonstrating their understanding of the evolution of the entertainment industry.
  • Scriptwriting Techniques - Students learn the foundation of successful writing for film and television while focusing on the fundamentals of formatting using industry-standard software, structural techniques, character development, conflict, and scene construction.
  • Literary Techniques & Story Development
  • Publishing & Distribution
  • Scriptwriting Techniques

Visual Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Digital Cinematography Concentration — Online

This program merges the artistic concepts of traditional filmmaking with the technological tools used in everything from independent news gathering and documentary filmmaking, to commercial production and web video.

Courses Include:

  • Directing - Students learn techniques for directing, acting, casting, and composition and will work in different areas of directing – from preproduction, to postproduction delivery, to critical evaluation.
  • Film Criticism - Students gain an appreciation for how filmmakers create meaningful experiences for their audiences while also developing skills to critique others' work and manage critiques from clients.
  • Art Design & Location Shooting - Students look at set choices and production venues through the logistical needs of the camera while focusing on the decision-making process to align a script with location scouting and art direction.
  • Directing
  • Film Criticism
  • Art Design & Location Shooting

Visual Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Film Concentration — Campus

Students gain hands-on experience working each position on set on a variety of filmmaking projects, enabling them to get a feel for the role that each crew member plays in production.

Courses Include:

  • Advanced Production - Students form a crew in their area of specialization to create and complete the development, preproduction, and production processes of their individual projects with mentorship and support from film faculty.
  • Broadcast Production - Students examine the techniques and technologies involved in creating multicamera shoots for the news and narrative broadcast television genres while exploring the logistical, structural, and aesthetic methodologies of broadcast production.
  • Composition and Visual Design - Students will examine how images are designed, framed, composed, and arranged to tell and enhance visual stories.
  • Advanced Production
  • Broadcast Production
  • Composition and Visual Design

Film Production Master's — Campus

Students receive an advanced education in behind-the-scenes filmmaking – working in teams to complete real films, while focusing on fundamentals such as storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical roles.

Courses Include:

  • Visual Storytelling Techniques and Technology - The course curriculum will build upon themes from introductory courses to illustrate how directors enhance the dramatic effect of scenes through lighting, location, blocking, movement, and other techniques.
  • Filmmaking Concepts and Practices - Students will learn how to apply filmmaking concepts and theory to the practice of film production in terms of production design, cinematography, and film aesthetics.
  • Business of Film - Students will examine current industry business models and develop plans to advance their careers in filmmaking.
  • Visual Storytelling Techniques and Technology
  • Filmmaking Concepts and Practices
  • Business of Film

Audio Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Show Production Concentration — Campus

Students in this program build experience at concerts and live shows, becoming familiar with concepts such as lighting and sound design.

Courses Include:

  • Lighting Concepts and Design - This course is dedicated to conventional lighting-system concepts and introduces students to color theory, photometrics, truss systems, conventional fixtures, dimmers, and terminology.
  • Advanced Video Production - Students will hone their proficiency with broadcast-quality HD production equipment while addressing lighting and composition, camera operation and switching, directing, and more.
  • Audio and Visual Technologies - This course is dedicated to building confidence in the area of multimedia-conference meetings and corporate-presentation skills.
  • Lighting Concepts and Design
  • Advanced Video Production
  • Audio and Visual Technologies

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