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Music is a universal language.

Succeeding in the audio industry is a challenging but rewarding venture, meant only for those whose dedication to the job matches their passion for the art. Full Sail prepares students for the competitive world of music and recording by providing an array of business essentials in addition to highly specialized technical knowledge.

Audio Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with an Audio Production Concentration — Online

This program is designed to encourage independence and entrepreneurial thinking as students learn audio essentials and business skills for the audio production industry.

Courses Include:

  • Fundamentals of Music Business - The music industry is composed of various players: companies, unions, not-for-profit associations, and other entities that influence the music production and live-event fields. Students will examine these different components as they relate to the music industry.
  • Contemporary Production Techniques - Contemporary music production integrates sampling, loops, MIDI, and live recording to craft modern hits. In the Contemporary Production Techniques course, students will learn to use industry-standard tools for computer-based music creation.
  • Audio Postproduction - The Audio Postproduction course provides students with an overview of production sound and audio postproduction sound design for film and television.
  • Fundamentals of Music Business
  • Contemporary Production Techniques
  • Audio Postproduction

Audio Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Music Production Concentration — Campus & Online

In this program, students develop an understanding of contemporary music hardware and software technology, as they build their music theory knowledge through original compositions.

Courses Include:

  • Recording Principles - This course introduces students to the theory and operation of essential audio tools ranging from microphones to mixers.
  • Audio Workstations - This course explores the digital audio workstation environment through an overview of digital audio concepts and practices.
  • Audio Engineering Techniques - Students will develop workflows and strategies for producing the highest-quality results in their music-production projects.
  • Recording Principles
  • Audio Workstations
  • Audio Engineering Techniques

Audio Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Recording Arts Concentration — Campus

Students get the opportunity to experience the different facets of the audio industry, as they develop the skills they need to get their hands on the controls in professional-level recording facilities.

  • Session Recording - This course walks students through the theory, philosophy, and practice of contemporary music production in a world-class studio facility.
  • Vocal Production - This course examines preproduction with vocalists, establishing producer/vocalist rapport, conducting a vocal session, vocal compilation and background vocals, microphone selection, and signal processing and mixing for vocals and voice-overs.
  • Audio Postproduction - This course provides students with an overview of production sound and audio postproduction sound design for film and television.
  • Session Recording
  • Vocal Production
  • Audio Postproduction

Audio Arts Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Show Production Concentration — Campus

Students in this program build experience at concerts and live shows, becoming familiar with concepts such as lighting and sound design.

Courses Include:

  • Lighting Concepts and Design - This course is dedicated to conventional lighting-system concepts and introduces students to color theory, photometrics, truss systems, conventional fixtures, dimmers, and terminology.
  • Audio and Visual Technologies - This course is dedicated to building confidence in the area of multimedia-conference meetings and corporate-presentation skills.
  • Audio Measurement Systems - Students will use software and hardware for real-time sound-system measurement, optimization, and control to analyze audio in real-time, enabling them to maximize the quality of sound across different engineering environments.
  • Lighting Concepts and Design
  • Audio and Visual Technologies
  • Audio Measurement Systems

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