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In the rapidly evolving digital age, career opportunities in the realm of sports are more multidimensional than ever. From on-camera and behind the scenes needs, to content creation and branding, our programs are designed to bridge the gap between tradition and what's next.

Full Sail University's Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting Bachelor's — Campus & Online

Created in collaboration with sportscasting legend Dan Patrick, this program supports the next generation of talent through real-world production workflow and industry-influenced coursework.

Courses include:

  • Vocal Training for Sportscasting - Students will learn how to recognize and develop vocal richness and authenticity while gaining an understanding of the philosophy of communicating with audiences and the pillars of vocal communication.
  • Broadcast for Advanced Technology - Students will explore broadcast opportunities for new and progressive technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, while understanding their audience-engagement potential.
  • New Media Tools - Students will evaluate various types of digital media along with past methods and media outlets, learning the technology, techniques, and methods of storytelling on multimedia platforms.
  • Vocal Training for Sportscasting
  • Broadcast for Advanced Technology
  • New Media Tools

Game Business & Esports Bachelor's — Campus & Online

The Game Business & Esports bachelor’s of science focuses on the business side of gaming, the revenue-generating, community-building, strategic-planning engine that propels the industry forward.

Courses include:

  • Game Business Models - Learn about the ways gaming and esports organizations operate, how publishing and licensing works, and what it takes to develop revenue streams in gaming.
  • Esports and Gaming Management - Develop skills in performance management, team management, and leadership in an esports environment while getting familiar with different team structures and corporate cultures.
  • Gaming Culture & Engagement - Identify segments in the gaming market, ways to reach target audiences, and how the industry has welcomed new styles of gameplay and community engagement.
  • Game Business Models
  • Esports and Gaming Management
  • Gaming Culture & Engagement

Business Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Sports Marketing & Media Concentration — Campus & Online

This program is designed to help students learn the principles of marketing while using new media strategies to help sports organizations reach fans.

Courses include:

  • Social Media Methods - This course examines the methodology inherent in marketing through social-media applications and applies social media to situations for revenue generation and brand awareness.
  • Sports Business Models - Students develop an understanding of the principles of economics that influence individual decision makers, both consumers and producers, within an economic system.
  • Sports Events and Entertainment - Students explore event planning, promotion, and production for a variety of events and conferences with a targeted emphasis on the roles technology and design play in their success.
  • Social Media Methods
  • Sports Business Models
  • Sports Events and Entertainment

Entertainment Business Master's – Sports Management Track — Online

Students receive an advanced education that addresses the specific needs of the sports industry while using that knowledge to develop their own business plans.

Courses include:

  • Negotiation and Deal-Making - In this course, students explore the skills needed to become a strong negotiator and deal-maker, through instruction in topics like deal-structuring skills, self-awareness and negotiation skill development, tools and concepts for negotiation preparation, development of deal memos and contracts, negotiation and deal-making role-playing and critiquing the role-playing scenarios.
  • Entertainment Business Finance - During this course, students identify and evaluate entertainment business opportunities and projects using financial principles, while also learning how to raise the necessary finances to fund an entertainment company and/or project.
  • Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Sales - This course explores topics and concepts pertaining to sports marketing and the role of sports sponsorships and the media.
  • Negotiation and Deal-Making
  • Entertainment Business Finance
  • Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Sales

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