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Creative businesses shape the world.

If you're interested in forging your own professional path — and want to learn the practical, real-world steps required to make it happen — we're here to help. You'll not only learn fundamentals, whether it's business planning or how to examine data, but you'll also dive into specialized topics and explore your own unique ideas.

Business Intelligence Master's — Online

Students learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret Big Data using a variety of tools and technologies – allowing them to demonstrate their abilities as business intelligence professionals.

Courses Include:

  • Data Visualization and Creative Reporting - This will sharpen your abilities to present complex results to a wide range of audiences across an organization, while also learning about practical techniques and the latest tools for developing impactful data visualizations and infographics.
  • Process Modeling and Analysis - This addresses how business intelligence systems are used to support the analysis and improvement of business process, while also examining a variety of statistical simulation and modeling concepts.
  • Enterprise Data Management - This course will introduce enterprise and management-level information systems that support business processes, including enterprise resource planning, decision support systems, supply chain management and more.
  • Data Visualization and Creative Reporting
  • Process Modeling and Analysis
  • Enterprise Data Management

Business Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Digital Marketing Concentration — Online

Students learn the fundamentals of marketing, plus the tools and tactics to connect with audiences through all online media channels.

Courses Include:

  • Search Engine Optimization - Students are introduced to the complex topic of search engine optimization and the process of improving the volume and quality of consumer traffic to a website.
  • Display Advertising and Email Marketing - Students learn the best strategic methods for positioning a product or service for success while also learning how to determine if these marketing routes are a good fit for their brands.
  • Digital Analytics and Reporting - This course shows students how to evaluate whether they are accomplishing their marketing objectives and how to report the results to a company or client.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Advertising and Email Marketing
  • Digital Analytics and Reporting

Digital Marketing Master's — Online

In this program, students use practical applications and advanced techniques to master search engine optimization, online branding, social networks, and more.

Courses Include:

  • Business Storytelling and Brand Development - You will learn how to implement brand-development strategies that help companies emerge as icons within their industries.
  • New Media Marketing - This course addresses how a company establishes which new media approach will accomplish its marketing goals and further the company's success.
  • Web Analytics Optimization - The goal of analyzing web metrics is to create and provide a measuring system that defines a trend or a characteristic within a company's Internet marketing structure.
  • Business Storytelling and Brand Development
  • New Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics Optimization

Business Bachelor of Science Completion Program with an Entertainment Business Concentration — Campus & Online

In this program, students build a well-rounded understanding of topics specific to the entertainment industry, including media products and distribution, business finance, and entertainment law.

Courses Include:

  • Event Management - This course examines the business of event management, which has developed into a vital marketing tool for a variety of businesses.
  • Entertainment Business Models - Students examine the various ways that entertainment organizations operate and generate profit from operations while analyzing traditional and emerging business models in various segments of the industry.
  • Global Media Management - Students learn about the complexity and diversity of business practices in the global media marketplace while also learning about consumer differences across key international markets, global marketing strategies, and more.
  • Event Management
  • Entertainment Business Models
  • Global Media Management

Entertainment Business Master's — Campus & Online

Students use case studies and in-depth industry research to gain a better understanding of what makes a successful business thrive in the entertainment world.

Courses Include:

  • Business Storytelling and Brand Development - Students learn how to implement brand development strategies that help companies become icons within their industry.
  • Negotiation and Deal-Making - Students explore the skills needed to become a strong negotiator and deal-maker, through instruction in topics such as deal-structuring skills, self-awareness, and negotiation skill development.
  • Product and Artist Management - Students learn how to address product management and its unique issues including interconnectivity of artist and product management activities.
  • Business Storytelling and Brand Development
  • Negotiation and Deal-Making
  • Product and Artist Management

Game Business & Esports Bachelor's — Campus & Online

The Game Business & Esports bachelor’s of science focuses on the business side of gaming, the revenue-generating, community-building, strategic-planning engine that propels the industry forward.

Courses Include:

  • Game Business Models - Learn about the ways gaming and esports organizations operate, how publishing and licensing works, and what it takes to develop revenue streams in gaming.
  • Esports and Gaming Management - Develop skills in performance management, team management, and leadership in an esports environment while getting familiar with different team structures and corporate cultures.
  • Gaming Culture & Engagement - Identify segments in the gaming market, ways to reach target audiences, and how the industry has welcomed new styles of gameplay and community engagement.
  • Game Business Models
  • Esports and Gaming Management
  • Gaming Culture & Engagement

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Master's — Online

This program leads students from the initial conceptual stage of a tech or creative product service, all the way to a full-fledged business plan that can be pitched to potential investors.

Courses Include:

  • Business Model Development - Students examine how the development of an innovative business model helps entrepreneurs create a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Product Design and Development - Students focus on the design, development, and introduction of new products and services within a rapidly changing technological and economic environment.
  • Entrepreneurial Finance - Students learn how to quantify sales and expense estimates and create pro forma financial projections.
  • Business Model Development
  • Product Design and Development
  • Entrepreneurial Finance

Business Bachelor of Science Completion Program with a Music Business Concentration — Campus & Online

Students learn about roles in the industry through music-specific subjects like artist management, music copyright and publishing, music business models, and concert management.

Courses Include:

  • Music Business Marketing - Students will construct strategic plans in the selection and development of music business products and integrate traditional and nontraditional promotional avenues.
  • Artist Management - Course topics include the artist/manager relationship, launching an artist's career, management contracts, the development of an artist's career path, and sustaining an artist's career.
  • Music Retail and Distribution - Students will examine the importance of branding and how it relates to product presentation at the retail level, explore the timeline of product development, and learn how to distribute their product to a retail environment.
  • Music Business Marketing
  • Artist Management
  • Music Retail and Distribution

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