Art & Design Degrees

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Translate your creativity into a career path in art.

If you are passionate about art and design, Full Sail University's degree programs can teach you the skills to keep it at the center of your universe. Through Full Sail's real-world approach, you'll build hands-on experience that combines traditional fine arts with today's digital tools and techniques.

Computer Animation Bachelor's Degree – Campus & Online

In Full Sail's Computer Animation undergraduate degree program, we teach you the latest 3D modeling tools and techniques as they relate to careers across a number of different fields.

Courses Include:

  • Character Design and Creation ‐ This builds upon previously learned skills by applying knowledge to 3D characters. Students begin with preproduction of a character, developing concept art and character sheets.
  • Character Rigging ‐ This course introduces students to the foundations of character rigging, which is the process of adding joints and controls to a character that allows an animator to make the it move in a realistic manner.
  • Animation Production ‐ The Animation Production Course develops students' ability to plan, coordinate, and study assets, using traditional methods to demonstrate their learned strengths as a 3D artist.
  • Character Design and Creation
  • Character Rigging
  • Animation Production

Digital Arts & Design Bachelor's Degree – Campus

In Full Sail University's Digital Arts & Design undergraduate degree program, you'll learn how to become a skilled visual communicator, blending your unique vision with industry knowledge to create powerful print and digital media.

Courses Include:

  • 3D Arts ‐ Students are introduced to the principles of three-dimensional computer graphics by exploring the methods and techniques of modeling and texturing while using industry-standard software.
  • Motion Graphics Production ‐ Students learn advanced techniques of motion-graphics creation through the use of software programs utilized by design and animation companies worldwide, applying these techniques to their own projects.
  • Color Theory ‐ This course exposes students to the theories and application of color, as it relates to both print and screen.
  • 3D Arts
  • Motion Graphics Production
  • Color Theory

Graphic Design Bachelor's Degree – Online

Translate your passion for art into a designer's skill set, no matter where you are. Through Full Sail's online Graphic Design bachelor's degree program, you'll create projects ranging from 2D and print media to graphics used in web and animation – all while building a digital portfolio of your work.

Courses Include:

  • Typography and Page Layout ‐ Students learn how to use typography as a critical part of page layout while also understanding how the printed or viewed page looks as an integrated graphic element.
  • Digital Publishing ‐ Students develop their understanding of form, function, and structure through context and technique while embracing the creative process that curated discussions and relevant case studies.
  • Design and Art Theory ‐ Students gain an understanding of composition, design, art, basic color, and graphics through a study of varied artistic styles and their sociological and psychological effects throughout history.
  • Typography and Page Layout
  • Digital Publishing
  • Design and Art Theory

Media Design Master's Degree – Online

If you are ready to reach a higher level in your career, learn how to use design at a strategic level and how to pitch your creative work to clients. In Full Sail University's Media Design master of fine arts program, you'll refine your creative process through a full-scale branding initiative.

Courses Include:

  • Brand Development ‐ Using case studies, students explore the history and processes of brand development in media design.
  • Defining Client Needs ‐ Students explore the designer-client relationship and investigate research strategies and methods for developing effective multimedia campaigns.
  • Design Strategies and Motivation ‐ Combining research and online creative resources, students create a range of professional visualizations of their concepts and ideas.
  • Brand Development
  • Defining Client Needs
  • Design Strategies and Motivation

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