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New Media Journalism

Master's Degree – Online

Become a new media specialist in the world of journalism.

Today's reporters need the flexibility to tell their stories across multiple platforms, and the knowledge of media tools to maximize the impact of their work. Whether you're an established journalist looking to update your skill set, or a born communicator ready to enter the industry, Full Sail's New Media Journalism master's program can introduce you to newest tools of the trade.

In this program, your curriculum combines principles of traditional journalism with the newest advances in communication technology. You can learn how to enhance your narratives through multimedia content, distribute stories across digital delivery platforms, and use social media to engage with audiences.

Journalism Fundamentals & Reporting Skills

  • Writing for Interactive Media - This course explores both the mechanics of storytelling as well as how journalists convey themes through their writing.
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management - Students learn how consumers absorb, act, and react upon news based on media format and content emphasized in that format.
  • Legal Aspects of Media - This course covers the complex legal issues media face – such as First Amendment rights, privacy, and ethical dilemmas – in the context of current technologies and future trends.
  • New Media Journalism Final Project - Students utilize what they have learned about mission, methods, and experience of multimedia reporting to undertake a comprehensive, sustained study of a single subject.
  • Writing for Interactive Media
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management
  • Legal Aspects of Media
  • New Media Journalism Final Project

Multimedia Content Development

  • Research and Investigation Skills Development - This course examines the massive shifts in the media environment and challenges students to re-imagine how they uncover, research, and produce investigative stories in that environment.
  • Multimedia Development and Editing - Students learn best practices of photography, photo management, video production, audio postproduction, web skills, and advanced postproduction techniques, and apply these skills to upload content.
  • Multimedia Reporting - Students learn how to access, transfer, and process electronic information and how to gain ownership of a story by presenting that information in a visual, useful, and factual way.
  • Digital News Production - Students develop the fundamental skills necessary to take assembled journalistic content and distribute the content across integrated platforms in the format of a newscast or news report.
  • Research and Investigation Skills Development
  • Multimedia Development and Editing
  • Multimedia Reporting
  • Digital News Production

Interactive Media Distribution

  • Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership - Students explore the concept of mastery from an interdisciplinary perspective, utilizing historical case studies, anthropology, leadership science, and neuroscience.
  • New Media and Communications - Students gain an understanding of the unique possibilities and limitations of new media by learning the technology, techniques, and methods of storytelling on multimedia platforms.
  • Social Media and Online Community Engagement - Students learn theoretical and practical approaches to understanding, designing, building, and using virtual communities, and how user-generated content within those communities expands the definition of news.
  • New Media Publishing and Distribution - Students explore the concepts of interactive publishing and management by learning how to marry journalism fundamentals with the technologies of interactive publishing.
  • Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership
  • New Media and Communications
  • Social Media and Online Community Engagement
  • New Media Publishing and Distribution

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