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Creative businesses shape the world.

If you're interested in forging your own professional path — and want to learn the practical, real-world steps required to make it happen — we're here to help. You'll not only learn fundamentals, whether it's business planning or how to examine data, but you'll also dive into specialized topics and explore your own unique ideas.

Business Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Business undergraduate certificate program's coursework begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of business, management, and marketing. Students will be introduced to methods for collecting and analyzing data to make business decisions and learn about basic business law concepts, including contracts, legal entities, and liability.

Courses Include:

  • Business Law - Students will study the laws protecting intellectual property in relation to protecting their own work and legally incorporating the works of others. Students will also study the law and practices of contracts and negotiations.
  • Business Management - Students will learn about performance management, team management, and leadership in a business environment.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting - Students will identify trends in data and leverage data to convey various business messages.
  • Business Law
  • Business Management
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Game Business & Esports Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Game Business & Esports undergraduate certificate equips you with foundational skills in content creation as you build your understanding of marketing and communication in the gaming industry. You’ll learn the fundamentals of esports production and venue logistics and navigate through an introduction to the gaming industry and its many cultural facets and communities, a survey of production and streaming methods, as well as principles of content creation, marketing, and storytelling.

Courses Include:

  • Storytelling for Marketing - The Storytelling for Marketing course introduces branding and examines the keys to creating a sustainable and effective brand utilizing digital storytelling concepts.
  • Digital Video and Audio Production - The course examines scripting, treatments, visual and audio storytelling, storyboarding, editing, sound, media management, narration and industry terminology, and application.
  • Gaming Culture and Engagement - Students will identify how gaming’s evolution has built segmentation into the market, following expansions in console variety over time and subtle industry developments that have welcomed new styles of gameplay and community engagement.
  • Storytelling for Marketing
  • Digital Video and Audio Production
  • Gaming Culture and Engagement

Marketing Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Marketing undergraduate certificate curriculum is designed to equip students with foundational skills in marketing as they build their understanding of business practices. Topics include an overview of business in the entertainment and media industries as well as an exploration of the principles of marketing, branding, and storytelling. Students will gain the strategy and technique in order to conduct authentic marketing research and interpret data to reach actionable solutions.

Courses Include:

  • Marketing Research - This course compares and contrasts research methodologies, explores marketing strategies and tactics, and examines the roles that design, implementation, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of research play in influencing marketing decisions.
  • Fundamentals of Web Design - This course covers advertising principles, website design and functionality, consumer experience, and branding, as well as the evolution of the web from the 1990s and into the future.
  • Storytelling for Marketing - Students will explore the mechanics of storytelling and identify how marketers and content developers convey themes through their writing.
  • Marketing Research
  • Fundamentals of Web Design
  • Storytelling for Marketing

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