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Business Intelligence

Master's Degree – Online

Learn the skills needed to become a business intelligence professional.

Full Sail University's online Business Intelligence master of science degree program combines project-based curriculum with real-world experience while utilizing industry tools and technology. This accelerated program will teach you how technologies such as data warehouses, data cubes, data marts, and online analytic processing are used to access, analyze, and distribute organizational information. Unlike traditional universities, courses begin each month, so you can begin your master's degree without having to wait an entire semester.

Working professionals with at least five years of experience in a related field and pursuing the Business Intelligence master's degree are eligible for Full Sail's credit-by-examination program. This option allows students to test out of up to five courses in their degree program. They’ll work with their program director and admissions representative to determine which tests best fit their work experience and expertise.

Business Intelligence Foundations

Courses Include:

  • Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership In this course, you will explore the concept of mastery from an interdisciplinary perspective, utilizing historical case studies, anthropology, leadership science, and neuroscience.
  • Foundations of Business Intelligence This introduces you to the core concepts, processes, and tools of Business Intelligence, while exploring the basics of common network, Internet, and BI architecture and technologies.
  • Business Intelligence Leadership & Communication Skills This course is designed to refine your abilities to listen, ask questions, and explain complex processes, policies, and results to a variety of audiences across an organization.
  • Business Intelligence Case Studies You will use a series of case studies to address a variety of real-world problems involving enterprise-level business analytics.
  • Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership
  • Foundations of Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Leadership & Communication Skills
  • Business Intelligence Case Studies

Data Management Technologies

Courses Include

  • Enterprise Data Management This course will introduce enterprise and management-level information systems that support business processes, including enterprise resource planning, decision support systems, supply chain management and more.
  • Business Intelligence Technologies In this course, you will develop an understanding of data management technologies and processes that support successful business intelligence systems with an emphasis on the design and creation of a data warehouse.
  • Data Mining This examines how data mining tools, techniques, and intelligent processes are used to identify patterns in data that yield information, insight, and enterprise intelligence.
  • Business Intelligence Capstone This course will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of program curriculum as you deliver your data warehouse and present key findings to colleagues and project stakeholders.
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Business Intelligence Technologies
  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence Capstone

Data Analytics

Courses Include

  • Business Intelligence Analytics This course provides an overview of fundamental concepts, tools, and techniques used to extract meaningful information from an organization's data in order to support effective decision making.
  • Patterns and Recognition This examines advanced data-mining concepts and techniques used to identify meaningful statistical patterns and relationships in data.
  • Process Modeling and Analysis This addresses how business intelligence systems are used to support the analysis and improvement of business process, while also examining a variety of statistical simulation and modeling concepts.
  • Data Visualization and Creative Reporting This will sharpen your abilities to present complex results to a wide range of audiences across an organization, while also learning about practical techniques and the latest tools for developing impactful data visualizations and infographics.
  • Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Patterns and Recognition
  • Process Modeling and Analysis
  • Data Visualization and Creative Reporting

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